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repEpoxy flooring is much more complicated than applying a simple epoxy resin to the surface of your flooring. If you want yours to be as successful and effective as possible, it needs to be applied in conjunction with various other layers to achieve your goals. When you invest in epoxy, you want the strongest, most resistant, and most longevous fixture, that you know is going to live up to your expectations. Here at Seamless Epoxy Floors of Lancaster PA, we know that better than anyone else and we care to bring our clients the quality that they demand. So, whenever we serve you with epoxy flooring solutions, we will always deliver you one of our industry-grade flooring systems. Simply discuss your needs with us and we would be glad to tailor you the ideal system every time. 

Why Our Systems are Superior 

Our epoxy flooring systems are always of the highest caliber. We do not settle when it comes to quality and seek out to deliver our clients the very best, on every occasion. For this reason, we follow a systematic process with every one of our new installations, applying consistently supreme layers in our fixtures. These include dual base layers, which will include any pigmented, quartz, or ceramic additions, broad coats, and topcoats, each of which plays a crucial role in the finish of our installations. We simply could not promise the same high standards without following this process and that is why we simply do not waiver on our commitment. 

 Simple Epoxy System 

 Even our simplest epoxy flooring installations follow this same dependable system. We begin by applying dense base layers above the substrate material, before letting these dry. We will then spread a broad coat layer on top and finish it with a thinner surface layer, which can then be polished and treated in any way that you want. In doing this, you can enjoy full clarity and aesthetic efficacy, as well as maximum strength, resistance, and durability.

Epoxy Quartz System

If you are hoping to make the addition of a quartz or even an aggregate layer to your epoxy flooring system, the method is much the same. As previously mentioned, we will apply the quartz or aggregate material to the base layer of your epoxy installation, so that it comes through with maximum clarity and strength in the final finish. Once polished, you will be able to enjoy the full aesthetic appeal and create a truly unique style for you to enjoy. 

Ceramic Epoxy System 

And, if you want to explore your options with ceramic epoxy layers, you can bet that we are just as capable of doing this for you, too. Once again, we will install our highly durable and resistant epoxy system above the ceramic layer for maximum functional and aesthetic efficacy. Simply let us know which style of ceramics you love the most and our team would be glad to bring it to life for you.

newly poured epoxy in the floor
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